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Springbrook National Park photo by Sebastian Hans

Springbrook National Park

With its plentitude of lookouts, walks, wildlife, ancient forests, waterfalls, beautiful birds and rare plants, Springbrook national park is a natural wonderland – come and explore it with us!

Purling Brook Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the area and cascades a stunning 109 meters. The falls look most brilliant after some rainfall but are nonetheless beautiful at any time of the year. Accessible by a short walk from the car park, the views from the top are vast as the steady stream of water disappears over the edge. However, if you have the chance the real magic is along the track down below. As you descend the vistas along the trail are spectacular. The Gold Coast hinterland is rich and lush with green. Palm trees start to tower above as the sound of the water gets louder, surrounding turning to thicker dense rainforest. The path goes right behind the waterfall so be warned – you may get wet! The total circuit is 4 kilometres.

A couple overlooking Springbrook National Park

Another gem in this same area is the popular Natural Bridge rock formation. Walk along the easy, accessible paths through a lush rainforest of strangler figs and old cedars. Halfway around the looping path is the iconic view of Natural Bridge. The water is stunning blue – and sometimes green! The path allows you to walk all the way around, in and above the overhanging rock.

These truly stunning areas of the Queensland National Parks are a highlight of the Australian East Coast! To preserve these places for generations to come make sure to follow all the signs and only swim where it is permitted, due to the protection of delicate wildlife both flora and fauna. To get the full experience and enjoy these places with fun, like-minded people book a tour!